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Golden Visa and residence in Zanzibar

Buy a home and become a resident in Zanzibar

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The Real Estate Boom

Zanzibar is experiencing rapid growth, and this social and tax reform will propel Zanzibar even higher

Eligibility for the Golden Visa

Find out if you can secure a Golden Visa in the Zanzibar archipelago.

Discover the New golden Visa in Zanzibar

Welcome to a new and thrilling era for foreign investors in Zanzibar! The launch of the Golden Visa is opening unprecedented doors, offering an unparalleled opportunity to invest in real estate while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle on one of the world’s most captivating islands. It simplifies property acquisition and enhances the allure of Zanzibar.

Visa Zanzibar Invest Residence

Description of Golden Visa

Why is this New Visa Attractive to Investors?

Visa Zanzibar

Innovative New Investment Policy

A new era is unfolding for foreign investors in Zanzibar and Tanzania. Now, by investing in real estate on these enchanting lands, you can obtain a residency permit. This pioneering policy aims to attract long-term residents and investors, offering them a simplified and enriching living experience in the country.

Resident Permit Zanzibar

Designed for Investors

It guarantees unrestricted access to your invested property. This Class C visa, valid for two years, costs $500 ($250 for East Africans and the diaspora). It targets buyers making real estate investments of over $100,000, validated by ZIPA. It covers the investor, their spouse, and up to four children under 18, with an additional fee of $50 per family member.

Tax Zanzibar

Tax Benefits & Privileges

The Golden Visa offers more than just residency. It comes with significant tax advantages, including a 50% reduction in capital gains taxes when reselling your property. Add to this preferential rates for residents on flights, ferries, and at events in Zanzibar, making island life even more appealing.

With Kisiwa Real Estate

The Real Estate Agency That Guides You

Purchasing property in Zanzibar under the new Golden Visa regime is a critical undertaking that requires expertise and reliability. We are your key strategic partners, orchestrating every step of your real estate investment. Our team, fluent in French, English, and Swahili, and working closely with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), ensures a meticulous and professional management of your purchase and visa application process, thereby guaranteeing a flawless journey to your new residence in this idyllic setting.

Residence Visa Golden Zanzibar

The 3 Benefits of Kisiwa’s Support

Below-Market Pricing, Turnkey Assistance, and Administrative Guarantee

Visa Residence Permit Zanzibar

Residency Permit

With many years of experience, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of Zanzibar’s real estate market. We understand the island’s unique subtleties and dynamics, enabling us to offer you:

  • turnkey assistance,
  • real estate prices below market value,
  • guidance towards the best investment opportunities.
Become Resident Zanzibar

Securing the Future

Our role extends beyond mere real estate transactions. We play a crucial part in facilitating your Golden Visa acquisition process.

From property selection to navigating administrative formalities, we are here to ensure that your purchase and visa application experience is smooth and stress-free.

The renewal of this visa, required every two years, is contingent upon the continuous ownership of the property.

It is important to note that this visa does not replace a work visa and ends with the sale of the property

Zipa Zanzibar

Privileged Access

Our team collaborates closely with immigration experts and legal professionals to ensure that your visa acquisition process is handled with utmost care and professionalism. The introduction of the Golden Visa marks a harmonization of investment and immigration laws in Zanzibar. The ZIPA plays a central role in this process, approving all legal investments on the island and ensuring a smooth transition for property buyers, whether for private residences or hotel leases.

Process to become a resident

The Simplified Process for Accessing the Golden Visa in Zanzibar

1 : Select a property

Start by identifying and purchasing a property with a minimum value of $100,000, a key requirement for eligibility for the Golden Visa.

Details & Conditions to Fulfill:

  • Invest in a property worth at least $100,000.
  • Proof of funds and financial capacity to maintain residency.
  • Legal documentation such as a valid passport and other identifications.
2: Application File

We assist you in preparing and submitting your application file, including all required documents such as passports, marriage certificates, and proof of real estate purchase.

Note : Collaboration with ZIPA

Our team works closely with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) to ensure that your investment meets the eligibility criteria.

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