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Build Luxurious House in Zanzibar


What you need to imagine your Luxurious House

Build your dream house or villa. Kisiwa guarantees European standards of comfort and luxury, all in Zanzibar’s distinctive style.

Kisiwa’s support is the only one you’ll need to make your real estate investment in the Zanzibar archipelago a success, regardless of your project’s scope, budget, or initial knowledge

Build House Zanzibar Villa

Zanzibar’s 2050 vision is crystal clear: to become the premier tourist hub of the Indian Ocean. With 95% of homes on the island not up to standard, only luxury properties will appreciate in value.

Building a property from the ground up in Zanzibar offers an enticing proposition. Not only can you secure a property at a lower price in a rapidly growing market, but you also benefit from capital appreciation right upon completion.

Zanzibar’s real estate market has seen significant growth in recent decades, cementing its unique and prestigious status for business, tourism, and trade. Substantial investments in infrastructure have facilitated large-scale development projects, drawing investors from across the globe. Purchasing off-plan allows you to invest early in new developments at more accessible prices.

For what type of investor to build property in Zanzibar

Long-term Investors

Those looking for capital appreciation over time and willing to wait for the construction to complete for a higher return on investment.

Strategic Investors

Individuals or entities seeking to diversify their investment portfolios with real estate in emerging markets, recognizing Zanzibar’s growth potential.

Lifestyle Investors and Eco-conscious

People looking to own a piece of paradise, whether for personal use, retirement, or as a holiday home, with added value in resale.
Those interested in sustainable and eco-friendly developments, as new projects in Zanzibar often incorporate green building practices and technologies

True luxury lies not in the price, but in the expanse of the land. Protect your privacy and ensure your property’s appreciation.

What our clients say

« We want space, not to be crammed next to our neighbors like in a condominium. Above all, we want to avoid the feeling of being packed in; we’re looking for privacy. »

The 3 conditions

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Budget > €300k available immediately

Building luxury at an attractive price requires a minimum budget. Bank loans in Africa are not feasible.

Land purchase with or without Kisiwa

Minimum 250m² of land for project realization

Kisiwa’s guarantee on your investment

We are the only agency to date offering this value proposition, providing comprehensive support (or end-to-end assistance).

Zanzibar Build Luxurious House

The message of Kisiwa’s Team

« In collaboration with tax authorities and specialized lawyers, the government, local communities, and construction teams, we guarantee your project. »

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