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Zanzibar Property Valuation Services

Do you want to sell your property or your business in Zanzibar? Our investor network would be delighted to be able to access your property! Our team will study your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Accurate property valuations are an integral part of today’s property market. Regardless of how large or small, expensive or cheap a property is, the only way to produce an accurate valuation, is by carrying out research on current and historic market values, based on the attributes of the subject property then comparing it to similar properties and recent sales in the immediate geographical area.

We are specialized property valuers who specialize in valuing all types of commercial, investment and residential properties. Kisiwa Invest In Paradise have a wide range of skills and experience and we have developed a reputation for honesty, integrity, efficiency and professionalism. Our firm provides top quality services in property valuation, property appraisal, and accounting.

Residential Valuation Zanzibar

Residential Valuations

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, reliable and independent residential valuation service making sure you get results that allow you to make an informed decision.
Whether you are selling your villa or looking to purchase one, we will provide you with an accurate residential valuation that residents of UAE have come to trust.

Business Valuation Zanzibar

Business Valuations

Business Valuations are required to determine the fair market value, which is calculated based on the amount a willing buyer is ready to pay a willing seller, in an arms-length transaction, with the assumption that both parties will enter into the transaction.

Hotel Resort Valuation Zanzibar

Hotel / Resort Valuations

A new era is unfolding for foreign investors in Zanzibar and Tanzania. Now, by investing in real estate on these enchanting lands, you can obtain a residency permit. This pioneering policy aims to attract long-term residents and investors, offering them a simplified and enriching living experience in the country.




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