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Building Hôtel, Condominium, Resort in Zanzibar

Build Your High-Yield Real Estate Project with at Least 10 Bedrooms in Zanzibar. Envision a World Where Elegance, Authenticity, and Beauty Meet Luxury.

The Kisiwa Support is the only service you’ll need to ensure the success of your real estate investment on the Zanzibar archipelago, regardless of your project scope, budget, or initial knowledge.

Building Profitable Zanzibar Luxury

The only limits are your imagination and your budget.

Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean offer you the keys to a globally shining investment.

Building multiple off-plan properties in Zanzibar presents an opportunity to craft the unimaginable. Beyond rental profitability and the explosion of your real estate capital, it’s time to create your masterpiece.

The world of tourism eagerly awaits luxurious properties in Zanzibar. Offer them the chance to experience a moment of grace, beauty, and harmony with nature. Purchasing an off-plan property allows you to invest early in new developments at more affordable prices.


For who ?

Solo or Group Investors

Private Residence + Rental Properties

Twin Homes, Boutique Hotel, or Resort

3 conditions

Budget > €500K available immediately

Start with the first property or construct the entire project directly (no financing available)

Land purchase with or without Kisiwa

A minimum of 1000m2 of land for project realization

Kisiwa Support guarantees your investment

We are the only French agency to date offering this value proposition, with 360% support.

Zanzibar real Estate Luxury

A message from the Kisiwa Invest In Paradise Team

« At the dawn of a new era, Zanzibar awakens, a land of dreams where bold spirits shape sanctuaries between sky and sea, uniting the soul of the earth with the ambition of the stars. »

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